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Heather KerrHEATHER KERR from Laggan loves life and enjoys helping people improve their lives whilst being happier and healthier for it.
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For the very first time in Crookwell, Heather brings to the community an easy system to quit smoking forever, in just 60 minutes.

Heather is part of a network of leading specialists using the most effective process available today to quit cigarettes. This process has an outstanding success rate of 95.6 percent. This is a proven system that has worked for thousands of clients.

“I am absolutely committed to helping you become a non-smoker, and I will back this up with a lifetime guarantee” Heather explained.

//Nothing to fear – your life to gain

How does this system work, you ask? 50 percent of why the system works is because of ‘Advanced Hypnosis’ which is now a proven and accepted science. Hypnosis is used nowadays in medicine, dentistry, law enforcement, professional sports and education. The other 50 percent of the system is working with your specific needs. It uses NLP, destroys myths and gets rid of habits, just to name a few benefits.

Hypnosis works by our minds working on two levels – the conscious and the unconscious. We make decisions, think and act with our conscious mind and the unconscious mind controls our habits. This is why it is so easy to change habits of a lifetime with hypnosis.

The system is based mostly on ‘Advanced Hypnosis’ which is completely safe. You are aware and in control at all times and can terminate the session at any stage. Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing and an enjoyable experience.

Everyone’s reasons for smoking are different to the next person’s. Heather tailors your session to your needs. You will become a non-smoker with ease.

Why do people continue to smoke? Some people don’t want to give up for fear they will put on weight, don’t have the power to quit on their own, don’t want to go through the withdrawal symptoms or they think that having a cigarette relieves stress and helps them to relax. How many cigarettes a day do you really enjoy? If you are like most people, you will say 4-5 and all the others are just smoked unconsciously.

The biggest reason of all is because you are not actually under control whilst having a cigarette.

The lifetime guarantee is back up always.

“If you start smoking again, I will do a follow up session with you at no extra charge.

“The system makes it so easy that after 60 minutes you will be a non-smoker.

“This means that if you really want to quit, we guarantee you will or we will work with you until you do,” Heather concluded.

To book a session with Heather Kerr in Crookwell phone 1300 045 225

Take the first step to quitting cigarettes in 60 minutes NOW!!

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