Greedy people are ripping us all off

Here we go again: Rippers and rorters crawling out of the woodwork like worm in an apple barrel.

It is only takes one worm to turn a good thing bad and spoil it for everyone else.

Where is the logic in trying to make a quick buck? You silly, silly people! When you rip off the government you are ripping off all Australian tax payers including yourself.

Where is your mentality? The money the government spends is what we pay in taxes. Greedy, greedy people, don’t you want better things in life for now and in the future?

What about the future generations? Our money is used for better infrastructure, education, environment, health, welfare, telecommunications, roads maintenance and much more.

It is also spends money to help poorer nations that are the starving and in poverty.

We are so lucky to live here. Please don’t let this good thing, turn into heartache like it did last time.

Beautiful young kids trying to earn pocket money or thinking they were starting apprenticeships only to find they were working for scammers.

Sadly, some of them lost their lives, some were badly hurt or maimed for life.

I am sure we all remember how dishonest people turned great schemes like pink batts, solar panels, school canteens, gyms, libraries and school upgrades into a disaster by trying to rip off the government.

As a result a lot of these projects were never finished or badly done because of theft and dishonesty.

Remember, it’s your money. Wake up, grow up and work for it and stop bleeding the coffers dry. The government is trying to give Aussie battlers a hand up, not a hand out.

There are plenty of bludgers out there waiting to snaffle up all the hand outs and freebies.

I heard it said “that if a carbon tax were never introduced in the first place, there would never be rip offs.”

That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. There’s always someone waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of a good thing .



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