Why the key to success is simple

Keep it simple and you too could be rich. Shannah Kennedy is a life coach whose clients include some very wealthy chief executives, as well as Olympic athletes.

”I’ve got a great job and meet all kinds,” says Shannah, whose book, Simplify Structure Succeed ($39.95 at shannahkennedy苏州美甲培训学校), extols the virtues of keeping it simple, where even commas in the title become redundant.

In fact, billionaires keep it so simple, all they do is work, which is why they occasionally end up consulting her to get some balance back.

”They work 18-hour days and live and breathe their work. That’s all they do,” Shannah says.

You could say that of a lot of millionaires too, but the difference is that billionaires ”are willing to take a lot more risks”.

Unfortunately, simplicity requires some hard work in itself. To be financially successful, you must de-clutter your life – and mind – so you can focus on your goals.

Don’t have a goal? Ah, that proves you’re all over the place.

Shannah says it’s surprising ”how much satisfaction can be derived from small, seemingly inconsequential, tasks, such as putting all your gadget chargers in one place, booking a check-up with the dentist, or filing all your documents in their correct folders”.

That’s because ”they can absorb mental space and chip away at your everyday focus,” she says.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to concentrate on setting some goals.

Write down where you want to be and when, and keep a diary of how you’re going. You should also have a monthly planner and update it weekly.

”Not having a diary is an act of self-sabotage,” Shannah says.

”When you set simple, achievable goals with a time frame, accountability and support, you’ll succeed,” she says.

”The world’s most effective leaders understand that forward planning is essential for success. By loosely planning your month and year in advance, you’ll not only be prepared for the busy times, but also incorporate regular milestones to look forward to.”

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